The Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA) facilitates the integration of health care, health and medical research, and health professional education to deliver better health outcomes for all Australians.

About AHRA

AHRA is the voice of 11 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) accredited Research Translation Centres and 3 Emerging Research Translation Centres recognised by NHMRC.

Each centre is a partnership of multiple health services, connected to research centres and universities. Collectively AHRA’s members encompass over 90% of researchers and 86% of acute health care services across Australia.

We are uniquely positioned to address unmet needs in health care by helping researchers work with healthcare providers and consumers to deliver evidence-based care that offers better outcomes, best value and equity of provision.

Our Commitment

AHRA is committed to ensuring Australia’s health system is fully informed by quality health and medical research. In partnership with our community, we are researching and working to develop ways to improve access, services, systems and health outcomes.

We are striving for equity in health care provision and delivery while translating research into practice.

Working through AHRA, the 11 NHMRC-accredited Research Translation Centres across Australia are in a unique position to transcend State and Territory boundaries and improve systems of care and treatment in order to benefit all Australians.

Together, we are working to solve some of our
greatest health care challenges.



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Professor John Prins

AHRA Council Chair
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Katrina Cutler

AHRA Operations Lead
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