Our Impact

Since its formation in 2017, the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA) has aimed to increase translation of research into improved clinical practice across rural, regional and metropolitan settings in Australia.

We are uniquely positioned to do so. Our members are National Health and Medical Research Council-accredited Research Translation Centres (RTCs). Each RTC works with primary care, local hospitals and health services to connect the research capability of Australia’s leading universities and medical research institutes to address locally determined health priorities. Collectively we collaborate to share learning, and to expand and accelerate research translation to deliver national-level change and benefit.

In complex health systems faced with numerous competing priorities, the challenge of widely implementing new evidence-based treatments and therapies can sometimes defeat even the most determined clinicians or administrators.

But as our 2022 and 2023 Impact Reports show, it can be done. In this report you'll find ten inspiring examples of research being successfully implemented in practice, resulting in tangible patient and public benefits. Individually and collectively they demonstrate that improved and accelerated research translation is not only feasible, but delivers improved patient outcomes, higher-performing and more sustainable health services, more satisfied staff, and economic benefit for our communities.