Aged Care Research, Translation and Impact Network

What is Aged Care?

By 2053, a quarter of the Australian population will be aged 65 or older. As our care needs increase with age, the quality of our nation’s aged care becomes more critical.

The AHRA Aged Care Research, Translation and Impact Network aims to help improve healthcare delivery to recipients of Australia’s aged care programs in both residential and community care. The Network includes representatives from all AHRA member organisations and Australia’s leading aged care researchers.

The Network investigates:

  • the organisation of services within residential aged care facilities, such as the provision of quality onsite clinical care for acute and chronic conditions, and the extent of unnecessary hospital transfers
  • workforce capability and availability
  • patient data management to support effective and efficient care delivery and quality improvement
  • quality of care and quality of life.

Aged care describes the support provided to older people in their own home, residential aged care facility or aged care (nursing) home, hospital or respite care. It can include help with everyday living, healthcare, accommodation and equipment.

Network Lead:
Health Translation Queensland



In 2018, AHRA established the Aged Care Research, Translation and Impact Network. The Network draws on the resources of Australia’s most research-intensive health services, universities and institutes with a focus on research translation, including those in rural and remote areas.

Pursuing its aim to improve healthcare delivery to older Australians, the Network collaborates on research across partnerships, and nationally in consultation with government and other key stakeholder groups. These groups include the Department of Health and the Australian Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, representatives of hospitals, aged care providers and consumers.

Centre for Growth and Translational Research in Aged Care

Since 2020, the Network has also supported Flinders University and Wells Advisory as the successful recipients of Australian Government funding to develop stage one of the $34 million Centre for Growth and Translational Research in Aged Care. Stage one involves the establishment of the model for the centre and setting the research priorities for its first year of operation.

Learn more about the Centre for Growth and Translational Research in Aged Care.


The Aged Care Network shares its research and findings outcomes via consumer forums, such as the Navigating the Ageing Journey conference, where researchers presented their findings about age-friendly hospitals, dementia, exercise and legal rights.

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