Health Systems Improvement and Sustainability

How do we harness the best Australian expertise and skills to develop the workforce and models of care that improve our healthcare system and its sustainability?

The Health Systems Improvement and Sustainability (HSIS) National Systems-Level Initiative aims to address this challenge, guided by recommendations made in the 2018 National Framework for Health Systems Improvement and Sustainability.

Three expert working groups have been established to prioritise and progress recommendations from the National Framework:

  1. Health services research, evidence synthesis and dissemination/education (led by Maridulu Budyari Gumal – SPHERE)
  2. Change and improvement of clinical practice (led by Health Translation Queensland)
  3. Health systems evaluation and assessing new models of care (led by NSW Regional Health Partners)
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  • Maridulu Budyari Gumal (SPHERE)
  • Health Translation Queensland
  • NSW Regional Health Partners


Health Translation Queensland

Maridulu Budyari Gumal (SPHERE)

NSW Regional Health Partners


In 2018, Health Translation Queensland, Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (Maridulu Budyari Gumal – SPHERE) and NSW Regional Health Partners, worked with representatives from the Translation Centres to develop a framework for health system improvement and sustainability.

The framework outlines 11 recommendations required to deliver improved and sustainable health systems for the Australian community.

The framework recommends that AHRA:

  • Develop and embed evidence-based linkages, pathways and strategies to facilitate health systems research, knowledge dissemination and adoption of best-evidence practice at all levels of healthcare delivery and in the community
  • Investigate and evaluate the economic and clinical effectiveness of new funding models to support integrated and sustainable health care for all Australians
  • Develop a business case to support funding for capacity and capability building in health systems research, the evaluation of models of care and implementation of change at the local level of healthcare delivery
  • Work with universities, professional colleges and societies, and other education providers to develop a national curriculum in clinical practice improvement
  • Work in partnership to develop or adapt professional training modules in clinical services evaluation and improvement, and knowledge translation and implementation; and work with national professional bodies to ensure that this training is required in ongoing professional development
  • Develop and adapt models and methods to evaluate health systems, and assess effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of existing and new models of care
  • Develop and adapt models and methods to optimise knowledge translation, scale-up, implementation, adoption and diffusion of best-evidence practice
  • Develop and adapt models and methods to reduce unwarranted clinical variation
  • Develop and adapt models and methods to coordinate care between primary and acute healthcare services
  • Investigate the enablers of, and barriers to, the use of clinical guidelines and clinical registries, and develops and adapts models and methods to ensure their effective integration with health service delivery

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Working groups

Three working groups have been established to address different aspects of the recommendations made in the 2018 National Framework.


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