Wound Care

We believe that every Australian with a wound should expect the same standard of care regardless of their geographic location, type of wound or health care provider.

The current health and economic burden of chronic wounds arising from diabetic complications and other comorbidities is a serious public health issue, affecting 400,000 hospital and residential-care patients and incurring $3 billion of treatment costs nationally. This health burden is likely to escalate significantly as the Australian population becomes older and with the projected increase in diabetes incidence.

It is widely acknowledged that there is an urgent need to address current wound care challenges and that better wound-management, based on evidence-based research, will improve patient outcomes and lower the health burden.

The AHRA Wound Care Initiative involves four projects:

  1. Determine the actual (not modelled) costs of wound care based on best practice-best product
  2. Update the 2016 National Wound Care Standards to include new guidelines and a self-audit tool
  3. Develop an integrated Training and Education Framework
  4. Plan for a coordinated program of research excellence.


  • Health Translation Queensland
  • Western Australian Health Translation Network


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Draft Australian Standards for Wound Prevention and Management 2022

The draft Australian Standards for Wound Prevention and Management 2022 were distributed for review to over 400 organisations and individuals Australia-wide, and valuable feedback has been provided. The final version of the Standards is currently being prepared.

This fourth edition builds on the work completed for previous editions of the Australian Wound Standards and reflects current relevant standards, supporting clinical guidelines and other key evidence sources.

The Draft Standards are available on the WAHTN website.

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